Friday, March 9, 2007

Henson & Clinton

In 2001, Keith Henson was arrested for picketing a Scientology complex on the count of "interfering with a religion." Living as a fugitive for six years, he has now been put under the law, awaiting his hearing in May. (I refuse to use the word cult to describe a religion, because all cults are religions. It's not up to the government to decide what is and what isn't one. Just as a side note, there are more "honestly good" cults then there are bad ones, it's just the bad ones get the publicity and earn the prejudice of all toward "evil cults." Every religion started out as a cult anyway, including yours. But God be damned, Scientology is profoundly dumb, and is perhaps today’s leading “evil cult.” But I won’t get into that, just visit one of the links at the end of this for a synopsis of their dogma and form your own opinion.)

What is "interfering with a religion" anyway? With such muddled laws, there is no point for our rights. How the hell do you define "interfering with a religion"? If this were possibly enforced fully, everyone would be arrested! I would be arrested for interfering with Buddhist principles whenever I swap a fly, the entire government removed from office for interfering with Islamic Jihad. It is impossible to live without contradicting another religion.

So what makes it right for Henson to be culled from the bunch of dissenters? The definitive answer is that the Church of Scientology has been on his case ever since he was on theirs, pleading to authorities while labeling him a terrorist – armed with the First Amendment and a picket sign. California disarmed the poor man, deciding to side with the newly tax-exempted organization, for the sake of avoiding activities “interfering with a religion.” How unfortunate.

Henson has been a staunch long-time critic of “the study of truth,” openly sharing his opinion in order to reveal what many (including myself, but I said I wouldn’t get into it) consider dangerous. He has spent years protesting Scientology and professing its evils.

Who cares?

Freedom of speech is freedom of speech. I am bewildered to know that a man simply questioning another belief is persecuted for such innocence. I am enraged to know how loosely constructionist we are of the Constitution – so loose that the government manages to get away with twisting the near-holy The First Amendment and snapping it into pieces. This hypocrisy is killing me, and terrorizing society. These loose laws give the government the uncontrollable power of doing just about anything they want, citing these for justification. With this system, they are unstoppable! If we don’t stick to the Constitution, then we won’t stick to anything. We are ruled by tyrants, and we don’t even realize it.

Ambiguous laws are completely unjust. Another example: the law states that any member of the executive branch may be impeached for acts of "treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.” Other high crimes and misdemeanors, what the hell are those? So like, having an affair with an intern?

The Lewinsky scandal led to the impeachment trials of President William Clinton, on the counts of perjury (lying about having an affair) and obstruction of justice (not helping the police reveal his lie). Notice how they cite random laws to justify their claim. The House of Representatives did not approve of Clinton’s moral conduct – not perjury or obstruction of justice – so they found whatever excuse they could to impeach him. What really was his high crime or misdemeanor?

We need concise, specific laws. Get rid of this trash. We need lawmakers who don’t create ambiguity to give themselves the chance to re-interpret justice, because we should be the ones in charge of ourselves. People pull things out of their asses to win cases. The law book should be simple and easy enough for anyone to read – no loopholes, no secrets. Without some strict constructionism, we’ll be in chaotic mess. In fact, we are in one.

Further reading: Official Scientology website Free Keith Henson Blogger Wikipedia: Scientology Anti-Scientology website

Update: The day after I wrote this, I talked to a friend who just came back from a Christian concert festival called Battlecry in San Francisco. Basically, her and about 25,000 other youths screamed their lungs out praising the Lord in an exhausting, unforgettable experience.

I was shocked, however, when she told me of a motley group of militant atheists that would parade around the event condemning Jesus and all of his followers. A debate, platform and all, even formed in front of San Francisco City Hall between the Battlecry organizers and the atheist leaders. Like all religious debates, there was no winner; nonetheless, I am still shocked by this outrageous occurrence.

If the California government is going to stop a man from picketing an extremely questionable Scientology complex (a woman had just "mysteriously disappeared" from the area recently), then why aren't San Francisco authorities stopping these atheists and their blatant religious interference? They even allowed them to debate in front of City Hall - talk about time and place.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Freedom of Choice

The motto of the the Democratic Review is "the best government is that which governs least." It's been a while since I first heard this saying paraphrased by the late Henry David Thoreau, but the quote is always ringing in my mind. Only now has it really meant something to me.

Imagine a world where everyone could do anything they wanted, free from government interference. Yeah, I support speed limits and littering fines, but don't tell me what to do when it comes to living my life according to my credence. The government is up there to punish us for doing something that negatively affects other people - hell I don't want to share the road with stupid drivers or walk in polluted parks - but it is unjust when they make up extra things to punish us for, things that may be against our personal beliefs. Get out of my personal life! I want to be able to do anything I want, as long as it does not directly affect someone else.

Let us implement individual sovereignty when it comes to individual practices. Our lives are constricted and limited to the boundaries of the law. They do not have faith in us as people; they think we can't control ourselves; they think we're idiots. We surrendered our powers to the government so they could regulate it, so they could fight corruption and power monopolies - on the streets and in the skyscrapers - and allow us the space to live and breathe. Our personal lives are not in your jurisdiction!

Do not support the government's beliefs. Support your own. Isn't this country all about individualism and freedom? How un-American is it that we pigeonhole ourselves into a model society? How un-American is it that the only way to be "patriotic" is by relinquishing your unalienable rights? How un-American is it that we would let someone else think for us just because they're "authority"? WE ARE THE AUTHORITY - isn't this a democracy?

I am pro-choice - on everything. If what I am doing does not affect anyone else, leave me the hell alone. The government's job is to allow us the opportunity to live with freedom, and without oppression - not only from foreign aggression, but most of all, themselves. Right now the government is the biggest enemy, because they are the ones threatening our freedom.