Thursday, June 21, 2007

Who is Me?

Chapter eight of Voices of Wisdom asks you to categorize 12 things into the material group or the immaterial group. Most were simple: chairs, trees, cats, stones, atoms and space are material; ideas, seeing, anger and time are immaterial. Although it was difficult for most people to decide which one God fit into, what seemed even more controversial to me was "you." What am I? I decided immaterial. I, as in my mind, am immaterial; however, my body is material. So is my mind some sort of separate entity, cradled in my skull?

I believe my body does not belong to me. What right do I have to my arms and legs, my heart and lungs? I stole these carbons from the cosmos, and turned them into tissue for my own use. So simply put: "my" body is merely my mind's tool of expression. My mind uses my body to use its eyes to collect images, olfactory system for smells, auditory canals for sound vibrations, nerve endings to feel, and tongue for tastes. It then sorts out all this information gathered by my loyal body and makes something out of all of it.

However, isn't my mind just my brain's tool of expression? And again - doesn't my brain not belong to me?

Who is me?

p.s. Thanks to Jason Waskey for the great brocade background.