Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I Depend On You

What is it about the gratification of a good conversation? The excitement of interaction? Why is it so interesting "figuring" people out, and what parts are the interesting parts? Perhaps it's the things that people have in common; perhaps it's the things that no other people do. Have you ever thought about the process of developing a relationship? Some folk end up in the socially awkward category; few the close friends; all the subconscious influence. What about those you love? Why is it easier telling a friend "I love you" than a lover? "Love" is so sacred in the context of romance. Why is it obligatorily acceptable to "love" relatives? When you tell your parents you love them, it's undoubtedly because they've dedicated extreme amounts of time and effort to care for you; but there are hundreds of millions of people who would have too had you been their child. Why not love them too? If you met your brother for the first time on the street, not knowing you were related, would you love him? Would it be easier to once you find out you're kin? Why? What makes us "click"? Who are your friends, and why are they your friends? Define friend. What do I like about you? What do you like about me?

I depend on you.

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